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use a high quality poker table felt to give your table a professional look

Poker Table Felt

Using a quality Poker Table Felt is an essential part to building a quality poker table. All of the poker felts will provide an excellent playing surface. Coose from seven different styles of poker felt, some with several color options. Poker felts perform best when used with a foam padding underneath.

  • Suited Speed Cloth - 11 colors - Sold by the foot - Our most popular choose of felt
  • Velveteen - 8 solid colors - Sold in 9 foot piece - Soft to the touch
  • Casino Style Poker Felt - 4 colors - Sold in a 104" x 62" piece - Amazing feel and look
  • Poker Table Cloth - 1 solid color - Sold by the foot - soft to the touch
  • Padded Table Felt - 1 solid color - Sold by the foot - felt and foam padding together
  • Suited Poker Cloth - 10 colors - Sold by the yard - suited design on the felt
  • Poker Felt Layout - 1 color - Sold in a 72" x 36" piece - Standard felt

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Note about Poker Table Felt - Many first time customers are expecting these fabrics to be made of felt like you find in a fabric store. The only felt above that is a actual felt is the poker layout. All of the other options are made with durable, long lasting polyester. Some of them are waterproof and stain resistant.

You do not want to use regular felt as an upholstered option on your poker table. It is a limited use material. It is fine as a felt layout that is laid on a table and used a few times. However, as it is being played on, it will start to ball up, making little fuzz balls all over the playing surface. You can take a razor blade and cut the fuzz balls off, but each time you do this it is making the felt thinner.

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